So your spouse wants a divorce...

Going through a divorce that you don’t want is especially difficult.  The news can be shocking and emotionally devastating.  However, it is crucial for you to not stand by during this time of pain. A divorce lawyer can help you understand your legal situation and choose the best plan of action.

Communicating with your spouse calmly is beneficial. If you would like to pursue an alternative to divorce, such as counseling, try to talk it through with your spouse. Understand that your spouse may refuse and proceed with the divorce. Also know that even if your spouse agrees, counseling does not work for everyone and may not resolve the issues.

Regardless of how your spouse responds, having an experienced attorney on your side during the process can be both assuring and informative. Without a lawyer, agreements between you and your spouse have the potential to become unfair. Hard issues such as child custody are often very emotional, and you should have counsel to encourage and guide you through this process.

An attorney will be able to explain the legal process and which steps are next during this time. Your attorney will be equipped to prepare you for the demanding questions that arise over issues such as who will get the home, who will have custody of the children, and whether spousal support is necessary. Every case is different, but an attorney can help gather the important information specific to you to best advocate for your interests.

Contact Morgan & Perry Law, PLLC today, so they we can help you through this difficult time. Our attorneys know how to navigate the legal process, taking the burden off of you and allowing you to focus on the next step.